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a musical comedy

William Antrim is small for his age; he’s quiet and shy, which makes him an easy target for lazy bullies. But in his dreams, he's Billy the Kid, a courageous cowboy, riding the range with the sun in his eyes. An all-American hero. Now, if only his dreams could become a reality…

Billy the Kid is an adventure story, a magical, musical comedy set in a colourful world of cowboys and bandits, cactus trees and caballeros. Saddle up for a journey back in time, to a land where the bravest heroes are only a whip-crack away! This is a show for all the family, smart enough for the most demanding young audience and silly enough for the grumpiest grown ups.

Original Production
Leicester Curve, 23 - 26 August 2017

Commissioned and Produced by National Youth Music Theatre (NYMT)

Well, if this fine an’ dandy musical ain’t the hottest darn thang in ole Leicester town this summer’s evening, we’ll eat our Stetsons! ★★★★★
Incredibly inventive... funny, musical and energetic

Photos from the 2017 NYMT Production at The Curve, Leicester

Photos © Tom Wren 2017